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Talent Acquisition


Our focus is to hire talent that understands the company vision, practices the company values, is highly competent and adept at attaining measurable business goals. We recognize that each industry has its own nuances in terms of management style, hiring practices and compensation norms. In order to provide clients with specialized recruiting solutions


India currently has one of the largest education systems in the world and has become the second largest market for e-learning. The education sector at large has witnessed a paradigm shift, driven by digitization. Once regarded as a philanthropic activity, it has now transformed into an ‘industry’ on its own. With India close to hosting the world’s largest tertiary- age population in the world, the growth prospects for the education sector is unbound.

At Soran, we understand, human resource plays a foremost role in this sector. Our team understands that the increasing number of schools, colleges, universities and Education Companies require fresh talent and innovative leadership strategies to sustain in this dynamic environment. With an in-depth understanding of the sector, Soran India has the ability to deliver results across the entire Education realm.

Sector Specialties


Pre – School




Cambridge Education


Vocational Education and Skill Development


Education Companies


E – Learning Organisations

Hiring Expertise

Our selection process is based on a structured and systematic approach, which is proactive, detailed and result oriented.  So far we have showcased proven expertise in talent acquisition in the following specialized and niche segments.

  • Academic Staff / Teacher hiring
  • Trainers / Vocational & Skill Development Facilitators
  • Non Academic & Support Staff
  • SEND Support – Special Education Needs and Disability
  • Theatre & Performing Arts

Outsourcing & Offsharing

India is the preferred destination for Outsourcing and Offshoring (O&O) services. O&O capabilities evolved because of advancements in information technology, which led local markets all over the world to converge to become one global marketplace. Owing to these transformations, there have been significant displacements in workforce requirements globally.

However, the once disruptive industry is in the process of getting disrupted by new technologies and other trends including artificial intelligence and expansion drives by erstwhile domestic companies, as they look to establish bases in the same offshore markets from where they had diverted the tasks. This further restructuring of job markets is leading to a major reshuffle in the sourcing of skilled manpower from all across the world, fueling demand for talented workforce from India domestically as well as globally.

Over the last two years, we have successfully executed various assignments and stayed ahead of the curve in the Outsourcing domain. We believe in maintaining long-standing relationships with our clients and ensure that companies find a perfect link with the right talent at the right time.

Hiring Expertise

  • Fresher hiring
  • Lateral Positions
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Support

Financial Services

With sound fundamentals and tremendous scope for growth, India has one of the most developed Financial markets in the developing world. The sector comprises of commercial banks, insurance companies, NBFCs, pension & mutual funds, and other smaller Financial entities. The banking regulator has allowed new entities such as payments banks to be created recently thereby adding to the types of entities operating in the sector.

The new avenues facing the Financial services sector in India has catalyzed the need to hire highly talented professionals with exhaustive experience and appropriate skills to address the huge growth potential ahead of the industry.

Our role is not limited to being recruiters for different organizations – we act as consultants/advisors to our clients, helping them address critical talent issues. Our industry expertise, proactive approach, and long term association with leading companies position us as the recruiter of choice in this sector.

Sector Specialities

Soran Broking Services


Soran Insurance Services


Real Estate

The Real Estate sector in India is largely divided into residential and commercial (retail, offices, and hospitality) categories. The overall economic conditions highly affect the performance of the Real Estate sector in India. The industry attracts huge investments and thus becoming a high-risk sector with a high cost of servicing of the debt. The relative stagnancy in the market, over the past decade, has been withdrawing, with the Real Estate prices gradually rising.

The Real estate sector, however, is largely unstructured, and has a long way to go to adopt the right recruitment policies and procedures needed in a growing and professional organization. The sector is in strong need of candidates having experience in land acquisition (which is mostly localized), construction management, project management etc.

Sector Specialities

  • Real Estate Consulting
  • Retails / Malls
  • Residential Accommodations, Township Developers